Bird Dog and Upland Hunting Ezine

Summer 2013

AKC GSP Puppies!!
Smoke Gunner Smith x Dogwood Superior Dot

Gunner Smith

Born 5/19/2013 -READY TO GO NOW!!-
Line bred "black and white" German breeding combined with line bred
FC Rawhides Clown, FC Dixielands Rusty and FC Rockin' Rollin' Billy.

Pedigrees upon request
Dairy of a bird dog; Kellie, 1987

Specific Bird Dog Training Lessons
Starting a young bird dog Introducing your bird dog to the gun Introducing your bird dog to Birds Teaching your bird dog the "come" command
Teaching your pointing dog the "whoa" command Teaching your bird dog the "heel" command "Playing the Pigeon Wild card" - pigeons as substitutes for wild birds the training program for your pointing dog Backing for Dummies!
Hunting Dead and Tracking The Trained Retrieve The ROAD to success- Conditioning your bird dog for the hunting season A Bird Dog Training Overview
From Top Gun to Top Dog's bird dog training advice from a video rental junky...!!
  • Why Field Trials and Tests?
  • The Other Woman - a bird dog meets the new wife!! - By Stephanie Weidner
  • AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Dogs;
    "The Point of the Junior Test"-by Steve Wagle -

  • You might be a bird-dogger if...

  • Tips on Picking a Puppy by Diane Carter-

  • How to Dress a Pheasant by A Duhl Blade -

  • Mr. Itraru Tanaka-Visitor to The Checkcord from Japan

  • Training Birds for Pointing Dogs
    by Steve Horton

  • How to get your dog out of a Conibear Trap

  • and Back by popular demand!!
    Steve's deer hunting stories:

  • My Daughter, the deer hunter (1995)
  • Why I Hunt

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